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June 1, 2008

How to Flunk Out of Fourth Grade

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Although I am not planning on profiling Southcenter Mall for a while (at least not until the new expansion opens later in the Summer, and probably not before I get at least Redmond Town Center and Bellevue Square done,) I happened to be in the neighborhood yesterday and began taking some photos to use when I do get around to it.  This is a poster that I came across in one of the hallways, ostensibly a PSA explaining how to go to college:

Apparently the admissions criteria at the major universities have changed a bit since I graduated from high school.  I don’t seem to recall there being any prerequisites in shopping cart hooliganism or bike theft when I applied for college, nor do I remember being taught anything about the need to inflict cruelty to animals in rooms with hideous wallpaper (although I suppose they might let you wait until you attend your first frat party to take care of that one.)  Given the fact that I graduated from the local community college roughly four years ago and since then tuition to attend the school has more than doubled, I suspect that the discovery of money growing on trees may be just about the only way most people are going to be able to afford it anymore, although I’m pretty sure they’ll still let you run up crippling amounts of student loan debts if you’d prefer that method.

It turns out that there’s supposed to be some sort of hidden meaning to each of these pictures, which reveals one of four steps you need to take in order to get into college.  Not only are the “correct” answers to each of these virtually impossible to figure out just by looking at the pictures above, Even if you know what these are supposed to mean they still don’t make any sense.  The “correct” answers to these are posted after the jump, but Feel free to add your own interpetations of these.  Also be sure to check out this website which the poster points to, featuring a television ad for this campaign which is even more inexplicable than the poster above:

This is your math teacher on drugs.  Any questions?


A Mystery Restaurant in Renton – What Was This Previously?

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This one’s just a bit outside of this Blog’s usual territory, but this is a place that I have been curious about for a while.  This is the Stir Restaurant, an Asian restaurant in Renton that is on Bronson Way right next to one of the I-405 onramps.  Based on the overall appearance of the building, it’s pretty apparent that this used to be some sort of fast food restaurant, but I haven’t been able to determine exactly what it was previously.  Some features of the building (particularly the orange “stripe” on the underside of the roof) seem reminiscent of something you might have found on an older Hardee’sRestaurant (link goes to a site with a some pictures of Hardee’s restaurants for illustration) before those places got turned into clones of Carl’s Jr.,  but I haven’t ever seen anything to suggest that Hardee’s ever existed in this state (or even west of the Rockies, for that matter.)     I suppose there’s also the possibility that this could have been a Jack in the Box (I seem to recall seeing that roof style on some of the older ones) but I can’t be sure of that either.  Does anyone out there happen to know what this place used to be?


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