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July 12, 2007

Console Check-Up: Microsoft

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If you’re a gamer, it’s that wonderful, magical time of year where  you get to reenact the old “Kid in a Candy Store” routine of your childhood, only this time, hardly anyone is actually allowed to go to the candy store, none of the candy is going to be available for sale for another three months, and most of the kids just sit around having pointless arguements about whose candy is going to be better when it actually does come out.  Yes, it’s time for E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (such as it is now that it’s been reduced significantly in size.)  Over the past couple of days, the big three in the console business (Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony) have presented their keynotes illustrating their upcoming plans.

 Last October, a few weeks before the PS3 and the Nintendo Wii made their debut, I made a number of predictions about what strategies the major console makers were following with their machines, and where I thought they would ultimately end up.  My predictions for Microsoft and Nintendo can be found here, and my predictions for Sony can be found here (note that the links go to a message board post, since I was not blogging anywhere at the time.)  With E3 providing a convenient opportunity to check up on things, and a look at what’s coming up from each of the Big Three, will take a look at how my prior predictions  have panned out so far, and how things look in the future.  First up is Microsoft.  Posts for Nintendo and Sony will be posted separately within the next day or two.

I have to apologize in advance if I happen to come across as being a bit cynical about this.  Lately, I’ve been a little bit sick of video games in general.  I’m not entirely sure of why this is, just that I haven’t really seen any games worth getting for a while now, and that my consoles have sat mostly untouched for several weeks at a time lately.  My tastes in video games do tend to run outside of the mainstream (the message board I link to for my predictions above is dedicated to 2-D shooters, a largely forgotten genre with a small group of devoted fans,) and I also tend to have little interest in online multiplayer in games (I suspect that I could get the same experience by hanging out in the hallway at the local Junior High between periods, which doesn’t sound all that entertaining to be honest.)  In short, I could probably be best described as a finicky niche gamer, which means that I’m probably not going to have any interest in a lot of the big-name titles for any given system.  That said, on with the show…


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