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August 31, 2007

Get it While it’s Hot

Filed under: Technology — Brian Lutz @ 7:39 pm

A couple of evenings ago, I was preparing a ribeye steak for the grill.  I had lit the grill beforehand, but before I could put the steak on, I found that I was a few BTUs short, which seemed to be due to running out of gas.  Rather than let a perfectly good steak (well, not really all that great, to be honest – ed.) go to waste, I set off in search of a propane refill.  At the local Home Depot, I found this:

Propane Vending Machine

It’s a propane vending machine.  With a swipe of your credit card and a convenient empty cylinder, you’ll be cooking with overused cliches in no time at all!

I was about to say that this just might be one vending machine that the Japanese haven’t thought of yet, but scrolling down the page on that link reveals a kerosene vending machine, so I wouldn’t be surprised…


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