The Sledgehammer – Version 2.0

September 18, 2007

Sure, we’ll get right on that for you

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Let’s say you’re a drug runner, and you’re trying to sneak a couple of backpacks full of Cocaine into Canada. Unfortunately, the cops are around, and you need to stash your load somewhere out in the woods until the heat is off.  The problem is, you seem to have forgotten where you stashed it, and the boss is getting a tad suspicious.  What would you do:

A) Make up some elaborate excuse and hope the boss buys it?

B) Tell the truth, and  hope they go easy on you?

C) Call the Border Patrol and try to have them make up an excuse for you?

 In this case, option C was chosen, which resulted in arrest on a felony drug charge (Possession with intent to distribute) when the two missing backpacks were located by a Boy Scout two weeks later.


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