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September 19, 2007

Get Away From Most of it

Filed under: Technology, Wanderings — Brian Lutz @ 1:14 pm

It seems that I’m not the only one having trouble staying connected to the Internet lately.  For some reason  (which I believe I have now figured out) the wireless NIC on my desktop system has been acting flaky for the past several days, resulting in heavy packet loss and a generally unreliable Internet connection.  My notebook and other devices have been fine though, but it’s a bit of a pain to dig out the notebook every time I need to check my e-mail.  When I stayed with my brother for a couple of days down in Provo, his connection was down the whole time I was there also.

Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing to be offline every once in a while.  The problem is that I’m not particularly good at actually doing so.  I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that I’m never going to be able to fully escape from technology no matter where I go.  At the very minimum, I’ll probably be carrying at least one PDA (usually my phone, sometimes my Axim X50v if I’ll be somewhere my phone won’t have a signal) but I have to admit that I just might overdo it at times.  On my recent trip, I found myself traveling with my notebook, two PDAs and a Nintendo DS.  In spite of all that, I still found it difficult to keep connected for the entire trip due to flaky Internet connections in places (ironically enough, I think the best WiFi connection I was able to find was probably in the most middle-of-nowhere place I stayed on the trip.)  And that’s when I’m determined to stop spending all day on the computer.

On the other hand, when I go on trips, it generally involves a fair bit of wandering, which means that it’s nice to have decent maps to work with to avoid getting too hopelessly lost.  This is especially helpful, given the fact that when I travel, on occasion I will do so with no idea where I will even end up going to.  This means I can either rely on those racks of brochures that seem to pop up in hotel lobbies and generally don’t do much more than tell you 27 different places to go horseback riding, or pull up a few websites and get the info I need so I have at least some general idea what there is to do in the area.  Still, that entails embracing that which you are trying to get away from, and kind of defeats the purpose of the whole exercise in the first place.  Maybe if I was actually trying to get away from it all, I wouldn’t keep bringing it all with me along the way.


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