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October 18, 2007

Riding out the storm

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If you live around here, you might have noticed that it’s a tad breezy out there today.  A windstorm containing some of the remnants of a tropical storm is bearing down on the Pacific Northwest, resulting in a lot of wind, although so far I haven’t seen much of it here aside from the occasional strong gust, and leaves blowing around all over the place.  There have been some scattered reports of damage and power outages, but so far it’s looking like most people will get through this unscathed.  Of course, I imagine that the windstorm we had here last winter probably convinced people to actually take some steps to prepare for this one.  Me and my family (who are scattered around the area) got through that in relatively good shape as well, although we didn’t completely escape the effects of the storm (my power was out here for about 36 hours, and my parents had a similar power outage and a large tree fall down in the yard, which fortunately only took out a couple of sections of fence.  My brother-in-law, sister,  and their then newborn son ended up with no power for four days.)  I definitely could have been more prepared for the last one, but I think that at this point, if I had to deal with a power outage I’d probably be in better shape this time around.  I have a number of flashlights, a full tank of gas in the car (which is something I didn’t have last time, and ended up having to wait in  long line at a station running on generator power to fill up) a gas grill with a side burner I can cook on, and I keep my apartment well-stocked with food.  I’m not sure how well I’d fare in a situation that resulted in damage to my apartment, but I think the biggest issue I might encounter here would probably be boredom. 

(If you aren’t sure you’re quite as prepared as you might like, King County runs a website with disaster preparedness info specific to this area, and links to more general resources.)


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