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October 25, 2007

The latest bargains from Costco

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One of the ways that warehouse clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club manage to keep their prices down is to buy their products from different vendors at different times, and bring in a lot of “treasure hunt” items that may or may not be around the next time you stop in.   The sheer variety of different products that go through a Costco warehouse means that every once in a while, something just a little odd is going to show up. 

 First of all, we have a rather odd bit of licensing:


 I could understand putting Sesame Street branding on things like diapers, childrens’ vitamins or peanut butter, but strawberries?  I suspect that 9 out of 10 preschoolers, when given a plain strawberry to eat would pronounce it “yucky” whether the container had a picture of Elmo on it or not.  In fact, about the only way you’d get any of them to eat strawberries is to drown them in sugar, which would kind of defeat the whole purpose anyway.  Also note that the sample being held by Big Bird would seem to indicate that the size of the product contained therein should be placed in the “freakishly huge” category, which makes the actual contents of the package seem rather mundane.

Next up, we have this bit of advertising for Kirkland Signature brand fish oil pills, that might provide just a little more info than you wanted to know (accurate or otherwise) about the product:

This display, cute as it might be, seems to imply that they’re grinding up cute little orange fish by the boatload to make the stuff.  You might not want to let the kids see this one, particularly if they’ve seen Finding Nemo anytime recently. 

 Finally on a less kid-friendly note (I actually don’t drink myself, but for some reason I seem to find a lot of examples of this type of stuff,) did your last drunken bender seem like it was… missing something?  Did you wake up the next morning without a raging hangover and with a full recollection of the previous evening’s events?    Problem solved:

Daily's Cosmopolitans - Alcohol is in it!

That’s right, with Daily’s Cosmopolitans, you know you’re getting genuine honest-to-goodness ethanol in every sip, because it says so right on the label!  All you need to do is pour  yourself a stiff drink straight out of the box, and you’ll be ready to try out your most regrettable pick-up lines in no time at all, with none of that pesky inadvertent soberness of the leading brand! 

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  1. Yeah, not only that, but Daily’s Cosmopolitans have very similar package design to cough syrup and allergy medicine >: )

    Comment by reccaphoenix — March 2, 2008 @ 1:11 am

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