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November 1, 2007

No One Can Eat Just One (and Stay Sober)

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A new item found at the grocery store today:

 Beer Chips - Potato Chips Made with BEER!

That’s right, it’s Beer Chips, a combination of potato chips and beer that was probably bound to happen somewhere along the line (You might want to turn down the speakers a bit before you click that link.)  I think it’s probably safe to assume that this was not a product conceived of entirely sober minds, although the product itself apparently contains no alcohol (“You CAN drive a car or operate heavy machinery while using this product,” the site assures you.)  As for the age old question of how exactly something like beer ends up in a potato chip, the Beer Chips people provide a convenient (if not particularly convincing) video explanation  of the process.

Since I don’t drink beer myself, I’m not particularly well qualified to judge the relative merits of this product, although people who actually do drink beer seem to think they’re rather good.

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