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December 13, 2007

How to Become a Food Snob in Five Easy Steps

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As you can see over in my Blogroll, one of the message boards I have listed is  Although that particular site can be a valuable source of information cooking and food, there’s just one slight problem:  The place is absolutely crawling with food snobs.  To the sites credit, of the websites I read and participate at on a regular basis, the discussion at Chowhound is usually kept far more civil than that found virtually anywhere else I read.  I haven’t ever been able to figure out whether this was the product of dilligent moderation, or the fact that most of the troublemakers on the Internet haven’t ever managed to advance their cooking skills beyond the microwave and the speed dial button on the phone for pizza delivery.  Nonetheless, on a fair number of threads at Chowhound, the snobbery gets so thick there that you’re not sure why you bother with reading the boards there in the first place.  Maybe it’s just because you haven’t got the refined tastes of the usual crowd there, but more often than not, you just haven’t taken the proper steps necessary to fit in.  After the jump, a handy guide to joining the elite ranks of the food snobs in five easy steps.


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