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December 20, 2007

The First (and Quite Possibly Last) Ever Sledgehammer Last-Minute Christmas Gift Guide

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OK, if you haven’t started your Christmas shopping by now, you should probably give some serious consideration to panicking at this point (hold on, I need to go panic for a few minutes. .  OK, back.  That didn’t help the situation any. but ar least I got it out of the way.)   For those of us who weren’t smart enough to get all of our shopping done back before the stores turned into a wall-to-wall mob of festively-minded rioters, we’re in a bit of a jam this weekend.  While it may be true that nothing would ever get done if it weren’t for the last minute, that particular axiom is best applied to situations in which everyone else doesn’t have the same idea. 

But never fear, I’m here to help…  Sort of.  I don’t know exactly how it happened, but somewhere along the line I managed to acquire a decidedly undeserved reputaiton for being good at Christmas shopping.  Somehow, I usually end up with just what whoever I am shopping for has always wanted, but doing so requires a long, arduous journey with plenty of not-so-great and/or downright questionable gift ideas along the way.  It’s these gift ideas, guaranteed to disappoint the whole family, that will be outlined in this gift guide.   See the list after the jump.


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