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December 22, 2007

A Modern Marvel of Miniaturization

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 Say you’ve got a bit of space on your bookshelf, and you’re looking for a small stereo system that you can use to fill in the space.  While you’re out doing your shopping, you come across one of these: 

Sure, the pricetag might be a tad expensive, but it’s a Sony, so you’ve got to expect a bit of a price premium.  Just as long as the thing fits snugly onto your bookshelf, you should be OK.  That shouldn’t be a problem for a “mini shelf system”…  Or would it?


Um…  You brought the truck to haul that home with, right?  Oh, and by the way, it looks like you’re going to need a bigger shelf while you’re at it.

As a rule of thumb,  modern technology allows us to make things smaller all the time.  Unfortunately, someone along the way missed the memo, and as a result, this behemoth has somehow been labelled as a “Mini Hi-Fi Component System.”  At first, I would have guessed that whoever made this particular decision was  wearing a blue shirt at the time, but it looks like the competition is using a very similar description for this particular system.  I think each speaker in this system is by itself the same size or larger than some of the other complete mini bookshelf stereo systems I’ve seen.   If this thing is what passes for a mini system these days, I’d hate to see what a full size one looks like…

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