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January 11, 2008

Why get it for free when you can buy it?

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I have to admit that I probably eat at Taco Bell more than I should.  Sure, the stuff is horrendously inauthentic and probably contains enough calories to put a space shuttle into orbit, but it’s one of the few late night options for a night owl such as myself (the sorry state of late-night dining around these parts is a subject I’ll save for another post,) and can be tasty under the right circumstances.  Part of it has to do with the oddly addictive “Border Sauce” they provide to top your food with.  Has there ever been a time when you wished that you could get a bottle of the stuff and take it home?  Well, wish no more, because it’s here.

 That’s right, now you can bring all the taste of your friendly neighborhood pseudo-Mexican fast food and/or pizza and/or fried chicken joint home in an easy-to-pour bottle!  There’s just one problem with this:  If you eat at Taco Bell often enough, don’t you already have more of those little sauce packets hanging around the place than you know what to do with anyway?

A quick glance of the pile of crud on top of my microwave  (yeah, I probably need to throw away some stuff) found at least three of the packets, and there’s probably a few more lurking about if I was to do a more thorough search.  Combined with the ones that I brought home with this evening’s meal as a result of accidentally forgetting that I’ve got a great big bottle of the stuff at home, and that makes six (I found one more after taking the photo above.)  Combine that with the fact that you always seem to end up with more of the things than you actually end up using (especially if you go through the drive-thru) and you eventually accumulate more of the stuff than you’ll possibly ever find a use for.  Granted, I only paid 98 cents for the bottle of sauce at Wal-Mart, but still, with as easy it is to not only obtain the stuff for free but inadvertently accumulate it in larger quantities than I will ever find a use for, I think I just wasted a buck and about 30 cubic inches of precious cabinet space.  Then again, I think I might have just found the “Secret” ingredient in my next highly experimental batch of Chili…

(Note:  For those of you who are following the advice I gave in a previous post about becoming a food snob, you should now berate me in the comments for being unrefined enough to stoop to eating at a chain restaurant, and insist that I should be eating tripe tacos from a hole-in-the-wall place in some dark alley instead.) 

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