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January 21, 2008

Chalk Up the Savings

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The local art supply store is having a sale, but their method of telling people about it seems just a little odd:

 You mean to say that out of a whole store full of art supplies (and with a staff that could be assumed to include one or more artists) this is the best they could come up with for a sign?  Granted, we’re not expecting a  Julian Beever level production, but I’m sure that just about any random nine year old could have made something more artistic than this.

Radio Ad Nauseam

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 Over at today, James Lileks asked a question about what type of advertisements really get on your nerves.  This is something that I’ve been meaning to write a post about for a while now, so I figured this might be a good time to go ahead and do so.  I don’t actually watch a lot of TV these days (and what little TV I do watch I generally use a DVR for in order to be able to skip the commercials,) so most of the advertising I encounter comes from listening to the radio in the car while driving.  I usually alternate between the two local classic rock stations (102.5 KZOK FM and 95.7 KJR FM,) mostly trying to avoid the ads on one or the other.  The “hard break” at the top of the hour means that both stations will frequently be playing ads at the same time.  Unfortunately, this happens more often than I’d like, which doesn’t do me much good, but it does mean that I could probably quote Shane Co. ads from memory (Yeah, I have a friend in the diamond business.  Who knew?)

 On the other hand, even when the stations aren’t playing ads it doesn’t take much to get me to change the station, or if neither station is playing anything worth listening to at the moment I’ll just mute the volume.  One of the tiny little features I enjoy in my car is the fact that the stereo makes a satisfying little beep whenever the volume is turned down to zero, which really emphasizes the whole thing (although shouting “DELETED!“while you do it is probably not a good idea, especially with other passengers in the car.)  Needless to say, it doesn’t take much for an ad to get muted.  In a lot of cases, there isn’t anything particularly annoying about the ad itself, but the ad gets so overplayed that it completely loses whatever initial impact it might have had, and just annoys you.  On the other hand, there are some ads that are just annoying right away. A few examples of these are noted below, after the jump.


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