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January 24, 2008

Factoria Mall Just Keeps Getting Emptier

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As reported by commenter Greg Shill on my original Factoria Mall post, several long-standing stores in the mall have now closed down after the mall’s management did not renew their leases.  Among the recent closures are the Flavor Bakery and Cafe (which is apparently moving to a new location in Redmond,) the B. Dalton bookstore and the Orange Julius.  According to the post, the Jamba Juice (which, as I noted in my earlier post, replaced the mall’s arcade just a few years ago) and the Seattle’s Best Coffee near this entrance are also going to close, although for the time being both of these are still operating. 


As you can see, for the time being the Jamba Juice is still open, but the bookstore has now closed. Newport House (the womens clothing store that previously occupied the space in the foreground) has moved to a space across the hallway from here, but the appearance of the space looked rather temporary.  Beyond these now empty (or soon-to-be empty) spaces some restaurants (Red Robin, Cold Stone Creamery and Goldberg’s Deli) remain, along with a day spa and the Nordstrom Rack.  Judging from the fact that the Nordstrom Rack store has undergone recent remodeling, I’m guessing that they are not going anywhere for the time being.  No word on the restaurants in the area though.


Elsewhere in the mall, the Orange Julius has now closed as well.  I’ve always had a hard time placing the style used here, which seems a bit more modern than the typical Orange Julius, but the look doesn’t seem to have aged well.  In particular, the gratuitous use of patterned sheet metal  seems to be a design trend that was past its sell-by date by sometime around 1998 or so.  Before the place gets knocked down, let’s look at a couple of details from the interior after the jump.


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