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January 25, 2008

Free Communicable Diseases With Every Purchase

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Around here, door-to-door salespeople are a (thankfully) rare occurrence.  Aside from the occasional kid trying to sell off expired candy at ripoff prices for a dubious “charity,” or a visit from the friendly neighborhood scientologists, I rarely see solicitors of any type here.  I must be living in the wrong neighborhood, because over in Springfield Missouri, it seems that they’ve got a Door-to-door tattoo salesman these days.  Armed with a homemade tattoo gun, he somehow managed to convince at least three people to make use of his services.  To date, one of his customers has been hospitalized, and the other two have infections at their tattoo site, and have been advised to get tested for HIV and Hepatitis.  Needless to say, there seems to be a bit of regret involved.

 On something that you’re going to go through a fair bit of pain to acquire and that you are going to most likely have for the rest of your life, chances are that you are going to want to give at least some thought to quality control procedures.  For one thing, a tattoo is not the type of thing that most sane people would be inclined to make an impulse buy out of, unless they either have 35 of the things already or have managed to drink themself into a stupor.  Even assuming that one’s inhibitions have been dulled to the point where they would entertain such an idea, who in their right mind is going to trust a complete stranger with homemade equipment and questionable sanitation to jab needles repeatedly into their skin in the comfort of their own home?  Personally, I think if I had this guy show up on my doorstep I’d be a lot more likely to slam the door and call the cops, but if you’re too lazy to drive over to the nearest tattoo parlor and feeling adventurous and/or incredibly foolhardy, why not give it a try?


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