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February 2, 2008

Too Rich for My Blood

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Anyone who has been around Bellevue Square for long enough knows that over the past decade or so, the mall has rapidly moved upscale, to the point that a significant portion of the mall (as well as Lincoln Square across the street) is now occupied by high-end clothing and housewares stores, and to the point that I’m not sure if I could actually shop there anymore without draining my bank account.  Exactly how high end have they gone?  This might give you some idea:

A gift basket valued at nearly $2,000?  What exactly are they putting in that anyway?   Barbara Barry’s website seems to be typical of what you’d expect for a designer of that ilk (that is to say, more Flash animation than actual content.) The products shown consist mostly of relatively basic, and in some ways generic looking designer furniture and accessories.  Given the fact that no prices are shown anywhere (and the fact that $2,000 worth of the stuff is only enough to fill a gift basket,) I would presume that these products fall squarely into the “if you have to ask…” category.

 Speaking of malls, I went and took the pictures today for my upcoming profile of Crossroads in Bellevue, as well as some other things that you should be seeing here shortly.  For those of you who saw my previous profiles of the Totem Lake and Factoria Malls, rest assured that Crossroads shouldn’t be nearly as depressing.


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