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February 18, 2008

Is it time to start thinking Spring yet?

Filed under: Random Stuff — Brian Lutz @ 11:53 pm

I’m sure that by now, most people here are getting sick of Winter.  Even if you happen to be the type of person who enjoys Winter outdoor activities (I am not that type of person,) there has to be a point where you get sick of scraping the ice off the windshield for the umpteenth time, and head to Expedia to go look at flights to Hawaii or some other equally sunny destination (and in some cases, actually booking stuff.)  My parents have already booked their next Caribbean cruise for April, and my brother and his wife will be joining them.  I would probably be seriously considering the same thing, if not for the fact that I am not expecting to have any vacation time available until either July or August (and even then, it’ll be only a week,) and the fact that I ended up owing money on my taxes this year and have a car insurance payment due soon (although I was pleasantly surprised to find that the reptile-endorsed car insurance company I go through actually reduced my rate by nearly $100 this time around) kind of put a damper on that. 

If the weather we’ve been getting here over the last few days is any indication, we’ve turned the corner and although it’s still more than a month away, it looks like Spring might actually happen again this year.  Currently the temperature outside is reaching into the mid Fifties, with a nice clear sky.  The picture above shows the view this afternoon from my place of employment, as well as the little construction project going on next door to my building  It’s clear that we’re not out opf the proverbial woods yet (we’ve got at least a good six weeks before the trees decide to wake up,) and the overnight lows are still creeping into the lower thirties, but at least the weather has been nice enough to venture outside without forty pounds of Arctic survival gear for a couple of days.  The forecast looks to be headed back toward the usual clouds and rain for a while, but the temperatures seem to be staying up in the more civilized range.

I get the sneaking suspicion that this means we’re gonig to find ourselves buried under six inches of snow at some point before the Spring manages to finally get the upper hand, but for now, we might as well enjoy the weather while it’s here.


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