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March 3, 2008

I suppose this means you’ll be filing as an individual?

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I already got my taxes done for this year about a month ago, and actually ended up owing money for the first time that I can ever recall.  That means that this advertisment in my e-mail came just a bit too late for filing this year’s paperwork.  Given what they seem to be advertising, that may not be a bad thing:

 Call me crazy, but I get the sneaking suspicion that the IRS may not share your sense of creativity when it comes to determining the manner in which one should do their taxes.  No matter what cheery piece of random clip-art that H&R Block decides to stick on their spam, the fact is that doing taxes ones own way is just asking for trouble.  I suspect that trying to use that excuse to explain your “creativity” to a scowling IRS auditor is just going to get you even deeper in the hole than you already are.  Besides, isn’t the purpose of going through someone like H&R Block supposed to avoid any of the inadvertent creativity that might result from attempting to do one’s own taxes in the first place?


  1. Dear Brian,

    First, in the interest of full disclosure, my name is Gary Lundberg and I am Director of Marketing with H&R Block’s Digital Tax Solutions group. I have the (dubious) distinction of being directly responsible for this e-mail and its contents – including that confounded headline. I’d like to personally thank you for pointing out how our good intentions and “creative marketing” may have missed the mark here. Your points are absolutely correct that our solutions take any “inadvertent creativity” or guesswork out of doing your taxes. What we were trying to communicate with this headline (and apparently failed) was that with H&R Block, you can have your taxes prepared by whatever method you prefer – software, online, or in an office. We have your solution whether you want a little bit of help, or a lot. Just a few services, or the whole package. This was the “your way” association we were trying to make. I apologize for any confusion. In retrospect, it could have been worded better and is a key learning for us!



    Comment by Gary Lundberg — March 4, 2008 @ 11:37 am

  2. […] e-mail from H&R Block, the marketing director for their Digital Tax Solutions group posted a comment indicating that they have taken this into consideration.  To be honest, I’m not even sure […]

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