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March 10, 2008

What Was I Supposed to Be Excited About Again?

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Let’s face it, even on a good day I don’t think you’re going to convince anyone that a bank is anything besides a necessary evil. Apparently that’s not going to stop them from trying though.  As part of WaMu’s latest ad campaign,  a number of these billboards have popped up around town:

OK, so I’m supposed to be excited about my bank, but these cheery but suspiciously minimalist billboards don’t seem to have bothered to explain why.  The decorations in the window of the local bank branch provide a little bit more context, which seems to be mostly in the “We’re not charging as many fees as we used to” vein.  Of course, if you’re already baking there you’re still getting all the same old fees and low interest rates that you were getting previously, which means that as a valued longtime customer, you are presumably still entitled to grumble quietly to yourself about one thing or another as you exit the bank.

I’m also guessing that WaMu’s investors aren’t nearly as excited as their banking customers are supposed to be, these days especially after they posted a 1.6 bllion dollar loss in the fourth quarter of 2007, mostly as the result of numerous subprime loan defaults.


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