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March 13, 2008

Step 1: Stop Being a Complete Idiot

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You would have thought that the whole Dummies book craze would have fallen out of favor by now, but it seems that the things are still all over the place, dispensing all kinds of advice that you probably wouldn’t need if you had two functioning brain cells in your head.  In addition to the books on just about any subject that you can think of, the companies who put out these things have reached out to the supermarket tabloid demographic and started putting out smaller checkout-sized versions of some of there, um, most popular titles.  Among several other pamphlets chock full of potentially dubious advice, this one in particular stood out:

It’s the Complete Idiot’s Guide to a Healthy Relationship.  Not that I’d be considerd an expert on the subject of relationships by any stretch of the imagination (far from it in fact,) but I’d like to think that I’ve at least reached a level where something like this would not be necessary.  Just be warned, if you don’t pay enough attention to the advice given in this book (more of a pamphlet really,) you may end up needing a copy of  Divorce for Dummies, and that one happens to be a lot more expensive than this.   

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