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March 28, 2008

Does Anyone Remember What Month It’s Supposed to Be?

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Sure, springtime isn’t exactly known for its bright and sunny weather around here, but… snow in late March?

Granted, it seems to be too warm for anything to stick to the roads (or even the ground, for that matter) but still, there seems to be quite a bit of the stuff coming down out there.  As long as it doesn’t mess up the commute when I go home from work tonight (and it doesn’t look like it will) I can probably learn to live with it.  It also sounds like it’s not going to stick around for all that long anyway, and by Monday we should be back to more Springlike weather.

 Update 1:45pm:  Scratch that.  It looked like the snow was starting to taper off, but whe snowfall has intensified, and it  it looks like the snow is starting to stick here, although not to the roads.  Something tells me I’m going to need to update this again before we’re done with this…

Update 2:30pm:  It looks like the snow is tapering off again, and I suspect that we’re probably not going to get a whole lot more accumulation than we’ve got now (I’d guess about half an inch or so.)  A couple more pictures from over here:

Update 4:00pm:  And just as quickly as the snow arrived, it’s already vanished.  Just minute traces remain.

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