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April 12, 2008

Italian Plumber Plans to Build New House in Redmond

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Update 4/16:  One thing I should probably clarify here is that the existing buildings which are initially slated for demolition to make way for the new Nintendo building are an office park, and do not appear to contain any Nintendo offices at this time.  The building which would be demolished after construction of the new building is completed does belong to Nintendo though.

Aside from Microsoft, Nintendo of America is probably the best known corporate citizen in Redmond, but recent events have led people to wonder if the company might be headed for greener pastures.  During 2007, NOA moved their sales and marketing departments to new offices in San Francisco and New York, and also sold off a large parcel of land they owned at the corner of 148th Avenue NE and NE 51st Street to Microsoft, who will probably use it to continue with the aggressive expansion of their Redmond campus once some of their current construction projects have been completed. 

In spite of these recent moves, a recent land use application filed by Nintendo with the City of Redmond seems to suggest that they intend to use some of the money that the DS and the Wii have been printing for them remain in Redmond for the foreseeable future.  According to the   Notice of Application (PDF link) that was posted on the City of Redmond website about a week ago, the plan initially calls for the demolition of six existing buildings (plus a seventh building to follow once construction has been completed) to be replaced by a new 275,250 square foot building with an auditorium, cafeteria, and exercise facility, as well as a new 820-space parking garage.  It appears that the new building will have an overall square footage that is actually slightly less than the seven smaller buildings that it will be replacing (which total about 283,500 square feet.  Based on the documents filed so far, It appears that the two other Nintendo buildings in this area (including the one where DigiPen is located) will remain undisturbed, at least for the time being.   

To get a slightly better idea of what the new Nintendo headquarters (or at least the grounds thereof) might look like, there is also a Site Plan (PDF) and a Tree Preservation Plan (also PDF) on the City of Redmond website.  For comparison, a map of their existing campus can be found here.  So far, there doesn’t seem to be much to report here just yet (the notice of the land use application was only posted last Friday,) but I’ll watch this and report on any new info that appears on this.


At Least You’ll Look Pretty When You Get Sent to Bed Without Dinner

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With the big candy holidays out of the picture for a while, there aren’t a whole lot of opportunities to sell holiday related stuff these days.  Sure there’s Cinco de Mayo coming up, but the merchandising for that particular holiday doesn’t seem to extend much past convincing people to drink imported beer.  On the other hand, Mother’s Day is about a month away, and although you rarely see much merchandise specific to that particular holiday outside of the greeting card aisle, that doesn’t stop people from trying to get you to buy things for your mother. 

Cosmetics and beauty products seem to be a popular category for this type of thing, and a new line of these known as Soap and Glory (Note:  Their website is currently 97% content free) has recently shown up in the local Target stores.  As the pictures below show, these products don’t exactly seem to be “things you’d give to your mother on her special day” material.]

Right away, it becomes clear that you’re going to get some puns along with your hair and skin care, and it also becomes clear that these items are being marketed toward the angst-riddled teenager and/or twenty-something urban hipster demographics.  Apparently catering to this audience requires you to borrow extras from low-budget 50s zombie flicks to use as models on the packaging.  If anyone in either of those demographics happens to have children by now, they’re more likely to expect a Mothers Day present created with fingerpaints than something like this. 

Moving over to the other side of the shelf we find Girligo body moisturizing mist, claimed to drive sensible men to dizziness.  Based on that particular description, I’m not sure if they mean that the stuff is supposed to make women seem more attractive, or if it’s intended to create disastrous results when applied to sensible men driving or operating heavy machinery.  Besides, when was the last time your mother needed to drive anyone to dizziness anyway?

And no, in spite of what they’d like you to think, that’s not quite obscene (at least not until you look at the  pricetag.)  Even so, if I were to present this product as a Mother’s Day present, I’m pretty sure my mother would tell me to go buy the soap that goes with it so she could wash my mouth out on general principle.

Since I tend to be somewhat disinclined to make use of such products on a regular (or irregular) basis, I find myself unable to discuss their actual merits in this space, but some people out there seem to quite like this stuff.  Besides, even though I don’t consider myself to be all that sensible, I think it’s probably best for everyone that I stay away from any products purported to induce dizziness and/or plumped-up lips. 

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