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April 15, 2008

But Are They Made of Real Hobos?

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As I’ve discussed here previously, virtually every Tuesday a new batch of miscellaneous advertisements seems to find its way into my mailbox.  For the most part, these ads consist mainly of the weekly circulars for the local grocery stores and coupons for various products found therein, but there also seems to be a fair amount of 2am infomercial fodder up on offer as well.  Case in point:

This ad offers something called a Hobo Bag in what they assure is is genuine leather (from what source they don’t seem to specify) at the standard unbelievable price of $9.95.  The ad exhorts you to hurry though, as this unusual offer may never be repeated…  or will it?

Just a couple of pages away in the same circular, we find another offer for a Hobo Bag from the same company, but this one is made out of fake leather, and carries the same unbelievable price.  It seems to me that you’d probably have a better time convincing people that SUPPLIES ARE GOING FAST! if you don’t stick a low-rent version of the same thing two pages away with the exact same price tag on it.  Of course, if you don’t want to miss out on the tremendous savings, the website offers denim and suede versions as well.  As long as you’re not picky about designer labels (or being able to pronounce the name of the country of origin) you can find a surprising variety of other leather apparel, as well as plenty of other consumer goods of questionable source at the same time..

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