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April 17, 2008

Don’t Like the Weather Here? Wait a While

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It was just a little bit less than  three weeks ago that we found ourselves dealing with some late snow up here.  Even though a few people had some issues with it (particularly at the higher elevations,)  for most people around here the snow didn’t do much more than make us wonder if Sping got stuck behind an avalanche on the other side of Snoqualmie Pass.  Of course, it seems that things always manage to even themselves out somehow, and last Saturday came with weather straight out of July, with a perfectly clear sky and temperatures that made it into the eighties.  This provided an opportunity to get outside for a while, go hit some balls at the golf driving range, get my car washed, and go tour a rather interesting (and usually inaccessible, with good reason) site here in Redmond, which I will eventually be posting some stuff here about.

On the other hand, it looks like we’re not out of the woods just yet around here.  According to the latest weather reports, this coming weekend will be bringing us yet another cold snap, with forecasts calling for temperatures below freezing, and even the possibility that we might even get some snow again, although not in sufficient quantity to do much damage.  The article also points out that even with the one glorious shining moment we experienced on Saturday, this has still been one of the coldest Aprils on record so far for this area.  It also points out that there have only been two days this year (last Friday and Saturday) in which the average temperature in Seattle has been higher than 61 degrees, far less than the 12.6 that we normally have by this time of year. 

Snow in late March around here is bad enough, but snow in the middle of April?  Sheesh.

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