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April 20, 2008

It’s a One Day Sale (For Very Large Values of “One Day”)

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Yesterday while I was wandering around shopping for a new digital camera (more on that later on,) for some unknown reason I managed to end up at the local Bon Marche Macy’s store.  On the front door, I found this:

According to some of the math skills that I managed to learn back in First Grade, a one day sale should require just one day, yet for some unknown reason it now requires two days to conduct such a sale, at least at this particular location.  Either someone needs to work on their math here, or this whole inflation thing is getting worse than I thought.

I’d add a “Yo’ Momma’s So Slow” joke here, but my brother would probably punch me for doing so.

Finish the Closeout

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For those of you out there who might have missed out on the biggest entertainment launch in history back in September, you patience and/or slothfulness jas just paid off.  Owing to slight (or not-so-slight) overestimation of demand for the Halo 3 Legendary edition at your ridiculously huge yet vaguely friendly neighborhood electronics store (of Doom), you now have a choice if you wish to belatedly hop on the Halo 3 bandwagon.  You can either buy the regular edition of Halo 3 for the regular price…

…Or you can spring for the ultra-super-deluxe Legendary Edition (of Doom) for just minus five bucks extra.

But you better hurry, at these pricves, the things are going to be going fast….

…Or maybe not.  Either way, I’m sure that someone over there would very much appreciate the opportunity to reclaim the warehouse or two that they’ve been storing these things in.  And for the people out there who not only paid $129 for one of these, but also camped out in line back in September in order to get one of these things, you have my sympathies…  Sort of. 

Oh, and by the way, your homework for this week is to mentally add the words “of Doom” to the end of any phrase that you see or hear which makes excessive use of hyperbole and/or contains way too many adjectives for its own good, and report back on the results.  Radio commercials for gigantic blowout used car sales or monster truck rallies make a good target for this type of thing.

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