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April 24, 2008

BeagleFest 2008: The Beginning

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After a rather lousy night’s sleep last night, I found myself waking up this morning to a faceful of dog noses.  Although it may be actually be a more effective method of waking up in the morning than the standard alarm clock, I would not recommend trying it on less than four hours of sleep.  If you can help it, I don’t think I’d recommend trying it at all, for that matter.

After several months of anticipation mixed with just a hint of dread, the time has finally arrived for BeagleFest 2008.  As I write this, my parents, brother and sister-in-law should be on their way down to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where they will be boarding a 7-day Southern Caribbean cruise on Saturday.  Originally, they were scheduled to get there via a redeye flight through Dallas last night, but due to bad weather that flight got cancelled.  Instead, they managed to get themselves on a 6am flight to Chicago to make the connection to San Juan through there. This meant a trip to the airport at 4am this morning, which combined with my usual insomnia resulted in a pretty lousy night’s sleep, so I figure I better post something here while I’m still at least marginally coherent.    By merit of not having any vacation time available to me right now, I have been tasked with dogsitting Imola and Minardi for the next week and a half (Imola is the one on the right, Minardi is on the left in the photo above.)  Even though they are relatively small dogs, Beagles tend to be rather high maintenance, which means that the task of keeping these two from estroying the house generally requires at least one, usually two trips to the off-leash dog area over at Marymoor park per day.

Although these two have usually been reasonably well behaved on the few times that I have taken them over there so far,  on occasion they might decide to wander off a bit, as reported previously here,  Apparently that particular incident was not the first time they had run off there, so some extra precautions need to be taken these days, mainly by putting them on the leash well before reaching the exit.  Fortunately, no problems were encountered this morning, and in spite of somewhat chilly weather the walk was rather uneventful.  I did manage to take a few pictures with my new digital camera, including the one above which makes the dogs look like they’re wearing those ridiculous fake mustaches you see on low-budget spy movies.  Since my mother demanded that I not say mean things about her dogs on my Blog, I’ll probably just stick to badly captioned pictures.  Watch for more of these as the week goes on.

They say that having dogs around is supposed to lower your stress levels.  So far all it’s really managed to do is deprive me of several hours of sleep and raise my stress levels, but if the studies are to be believed, I should be nice and serene by around this time next week…

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