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April 29, 2008

BeagleFest 2008: Tale of the Tape

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By this time, things have pretty much settled into a routine with Imola and Minardi.  As long as they get their two trips to the dog park per day, they’re generally pretty well behaved, although they’ll still get worked up about one thing or another if the opportunity arises.  Since this doesn’t leave a whole lot of adventure and/or misadventure to report, I thought I’d go ahead and take a chance to discuss the two dogs, and their personalities a bit.

Imola is pretty typical for a beagle in many ways.   She has a slightly smaller build than some beagles, and a fairly typical appearance for the breed.  She is by far the more adventurous of the two, and when we’re out and about, she will usually be the one to lead and Minardi will be the one who follows and the one whose attention will be caught by whatever happens to be interesting.  At the dog park, this means that she will wander a lot more than Minardi does, although it doesn’t take much to get Minardi to follow along.  Of course, if  one of the two gets to barking, the other one will usually be barking right along in no time at all.  And man, can these two bark.  If one of them finds some reason to start barking, you’ll know it, and pretty soon half the neighborhood is going to know it as well.  On the other hand, Imola also likes to be around where people are, and when the time comes to wind down. she’s usually going to find her way into someone’s lap.  She also gets very enthusiastic at times, and will frequently try to lick your face whenever she gets excited,  She also seems to spend a lot of time just sniffing around at various things, and is generally a lot more excitable than Minardi is. 

Minardi is a bit unusual for a beagle in a number of ways.  Both of these dogs (as well as one of the two owned by my sister) came from the same breeder at the same time, and if I understand correctly Imola and Minardi have the same father, but came from different mothers, which would make them half-sisters.  Some of Minardi’s personality and appearance are a bit different from that of a typical Beagle, which has led us on occasion to wonder if she might actually have picked up a bit of Jack Russell Terrier in her genetics somewhere along the line. For all intents and purposes we just consider her to be a Beagle, and she passes off as one just fine.  The fact that her and Imola have grown up together has made the two inseparable, and you will very rarely find one of these two without the other close by.  Minardi was the runt of her litter, and has a bit of a crick in her tail as well, but at her fully grown size she is only very slightly smaller than Imola.

Compared to Imola, Minardi is a bit more reserved.  Although she will gladly follow Imola around in a lot of instances, there are also times when she will just stick close to the pack leader at the dog park, especially if there are other larger or more aggressive dogs around.  At home when things are quiet, she will often find her own little place to take a nap away from the hustle and bustle, although she has no problem with people being around her when she’s napping.  On occasion, she can be excitable though, and frequently she ends up being the first one to start the frienzied barking if something gets her attention.  She also has a cute little bark that she makes when she gets excited, mostly as a result of being given food or treats. 

Compared to some beagles that I know, these two are actually rather well behaved a lot of the time, although if they get ramped up there’s not going to be a lot you can do to get them to calm down until they managed to get it out of their systems.  As I have said previously here, Beagles are very friendly and very loyal dogs, but they can also be too smart for their own good at times, and also tend to be very high-maintenance at times, especially for a small dog.  Still, I enjoy having these two around, especially when I can actually go home and let my parents take care of all the dog-keeping chores.

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