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May 6, 2008

Signs of Life at Totem Lake – A New Redevelopment Site Plan

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Update 8/5/08:  A new site plan was recently posted on DDR’s site replacing this one, so much of the information in this post is now outdated.  See the new post with information on the updated site plan here.

It’s been more than two years now since we’ve heard much of anything regarding the proposed redevelopment at Totem Lake Mall.  The last time the City of Kirkland website for the mall redevelopment was updated was back in early 2006, and nothing new has been submitted to the city since that time.  This has led some people (myself included) to wonder if the Totem Lake Mall redevelopment had stalled out.  Finally after a long wait, there are signs of life on the Totem Lake Mall redevelopment project, with a new site plan posted at DDR’s webpage for the mall.  The site plan (in PDF format) can be found here.  I cannot be entirely certain of when this new site plan was actually published to the DDR website, but the plan itself bears a date of February 28th, 2008 on it, which makes it a lot newer than any of the existing information we have on this project.  Quite a bit has changed compared to what was presented to the City of Kirkland design review board in 2006 (the only other publicly available information on the redevelopment that I am aware of right now.)  After the jump,  a look at the site plan, and some of the clues it might hold to what the new Totem Lake Mall might look like.


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