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May 8, 2008

A Quick Video Leftover From BeagleFest 2008: Feeding Time

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Here’s one item I meant to post last week back when I was still watching Imola and Minardi over at my parents’ house, but never got around to cleaning up to post it.  In order to show the different personalities of the two dogs, I recorded a short video of how they react to feeding time.  As you can see, they both get pretty excited, but react in different ways.  Imola always likes to follow the people around, and when it’s time to eat, she starts to jump around excitedly.  Minardi, on the other hand, isn’t quite as animated as Imola is, but in this video you can hear the cute little howl that she makes when she gets excited (it’s either that or she starts barking loudly, which usually happens upon arrival at the dog park.)  Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t seem to let me embed videos from Photobucket on their pages yet (and I’m too lazy to go sign up over at YouTube) so I’ll have to link the video for now.  The link to the video can be found below:

Feeding Time

I hope to gradually start adding more video to the site, but I’m still getting used to using the new digital camera.  For some reason, the mic on the camera is really sensitive to breathing, which could probably get annoying after a while.

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