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May 9, 2008

Commute Trip Reduction is Getting Out of Hand

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This sign was recently added at the intersection between the 520 offramp and Northeast 40th in Redmond, near where I work.  Apparently the bikers here are getting sick of cars turning in front of them, and have armed their bikes with laser cannons poised to annihilate those pesky drivers with the gall to make a right turn at the stoplight when there’s a walk signal.  I think I’ll just stick to taking 148th to work; at least there it’s usually only the other drivers trying to bring you to an untimely demise.

Actually, If you know the context involved here (there is a bike/walking path that runs alongside 520, and this is one of the places it has to cross the road) this sign makes sense, but I can think of a lot more interesting ways to interpet the sign than that.

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