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May 12, 2008

But “Amateur” Would Imply That I Have Some Skills…

Filed under: Random Stuff — Brian Lutz @ 11:45 pm

Even though I’ve lived in my current apartment for nearly three years now, for some reason I still seem to end up with mail from the previous occupant of my apartment every once in a while.  These days, most of the stuff seems to be solicitations from insurance companies with outdated address info and things like that, but every so often, the most random things show up (at least I’m not getting their W-2 forms anymore.)  Today’s mail included a membership kit to the American Poolplayers Association addressed to the previous occupants.  Since I’m pretty sure there’s no way something like this would ever get to its intended recipient at this point (based on the envelope it came in, it looked like it could have been junk mail in the first place) I decided to take a peek inside.  Surprisingly enough, there was quite a bit of stuff in the envelope:

After reviewing the rulebook (particularly the part about keeping a score sheet) I’m pretty sure that I’m not planning to drop everything and go hang out in smoke filled bars as a pool hustler anytime soon (smoke-filled bars are illegal in Washington now due to anti-smoking legislation, so that wouldn’t be an option anyway.)  It’s just as well;  being the type of player who considers it a good game of pool when I manage to get through a round without poking someone’s eye out, I dont think I have even the meager pool skills that would be required to qualify as an amateur anyway. 


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