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May 29, 2008

Pick a Lane, Any Lane

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With the seemingly perpetual construction projects on I-405 through Bellevue these days, it’s not surprising that people might have some trouble finding their way around.  Right now, the construction seems to be focused primarily on the I-90 interchange, where a new bridge is being built to handle more southbound traffic. This interchange  has always been something of a spaghetti junction in its current form (that link goes to an interactive map,) and the proposed master plan for this interchange looks suspiciously like it might make an even bigger mess out of this place than it already is.  Figuring out what lane you were supposed to be in to get to whatever destination you were headed for was enough of a challenge before all this construction started, and with stuff being constantly rearranged these days, it looks like even the sign people aren’t sure which lane goes where:

As far as I can tell, the arrows on this sign are pretty much just pointing off in random directions.  It seems that you’re just supposed to pick a lane, stick with it, and hope that you don’t accidentally end up in downtown Enumclaw for some unknown reason. 

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