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June 23, 2008

Some Like it Hot, Others Not So Much

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(sunset, as seen from Highway 410 leaving Bonney Lake on Saturday.)

Surprisingly enough, in spite of all the not-so-great weather we’ve been getting for the better part of June, Summer actually seems to have arrived on time, and the past several days have seen (us with (mostly) clear skies and temperatures that might even be considered junelike.  This is definitely a good thing, because I was starting to worry that the new pair of Tevas that I bought last month were going to end up spending the better part of the Summer in the closet.  With the weather improving, Brooks and Heather in town and the one major Saturday obligation (see below) out of the way fairly early on, this  provided plenty of time to use the rest of the day for other things, most of which involved sitting around my parents’ house watching a race on TV and occasionally keeping Connor and Cory happy while my Mom and Jacki were off on some errands.

Later on in the afternoon, a number of us headed down to the Sirrine house in Bonney Lake for an informal Saturday get-together (which apparently occurs on a regular basis, but I usually don’t find out about them until after the fact.)  With the nice weather (I think Saturday was only the third time this year that I’ve actually used the air conditioning in my car,) it was a nice day to go hang out on their back porch.  As seems to be the case with most Vanderhoeven family get-togethers, fire was involved and figured prominently in the festivities. 

IMG_0786.jpg picture by Vexorg

Eventually, someone decided that Smores sounded good, and since in the long run this would probably prove to be a better outcome than the usual descent into pyromania that results from the combination of Vanderhoevens and fire, me and Terence made a quick trip out to Target to pick up the stuff.  Although toasting marshmallows over an open fire is a time-honored tradition, some people seem to have different ideas about how this is supposed to be done.  Some people prefer to just toast it lightly over glowing coals…

…while I, on the other hand, tend to be a bit less subtle about the whole thing, and prefer to just set the things on fire.  Of course, there’s the minor issue of making sure that the things are not still flaming before eating them (I imagine you’d learn that lesson rather quickly.)  Meanwhile, while everyone was happily burning things over in the brazier, someone seems to have lost track of Connor for a minute.  Earlier in the day, Aunt Pam had set up a wading pool for Connor out in the yard, which he quite enjoyed. In fact, he enjoyed it so much that a little while later, after he had been dressed in a brand new pair of pajamas, he decided that he wanted to go back into the pool. Before anyone could catch him, he managed to jump back into the pool fully clothed, shoes and all!

After getting out, he came to the realization that perhaps he hadn’t thought that one all the way through, and as a result it was going to turn out to be a rather cold ride home.  Fortunately, someone managed to dig up a towel and a ridiculously oversized T-shirt for him to wear on the way home, so in the end all that came out of it was a slightly soggy pair of pajamas and a photo that will probably get shown to girls he takes out on dates in about fifteen years or so.  I suppose there was the possibility that a valuable lesson could have been learned out of the whole thing, but I’m guessing that those are still a few months off at this point.

All things considered, given the fact that a 1 1/2 year old toddler may not quite have developed  the brain capacity for things like cause and effect, you pretty much EXPECT them to do things like jumping into the pool while wearing their pajamas.  What you might not expect is for a teenager to do the exact same thing.  Through some set of circumstances that I didn’t quite catch at the time (I’m guessing it involved some sort of double-dog dare,) Sarah ended up jumping into the pool just a few minutes later.  I’m not even going to try to figure that one out.  I don’t even think that all the cool kids were doing it at the time…

Watery antics and flaming desserts aside, it was a nice day to go spend some time outside, and it was also kind of nice conveniently forgetting how much gas costs around here these days for a little while and just driving down to Bonney Lake.  All in all, it seems like one of those Saturdays when you end up somehow finding time to do everything (and you have to include “doing nothing” in “everything” there too, right?)


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  1. That was a fun post Brian! I love our Saturday firesides!

    Comment by Judy — June 23, 2008 @ 3:20 pm

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