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June 30, 2008

Is it Any Wonder I’ve Got Too Much Time on My Hands?

Filed under: Personal Stuff — Brian Lutz @ 1:58 pm

Of all the subjects I talk about on a regular basis here on my Blog, I tend to avoid talking about much my job too much.  Part of this has to do with keeping some degree of separation between what I do for a living and what I do in my spare time, but mostly this is because my job is in a highly technical field, and I don’t think I could write more than a couple of paragraphs about what I work on without boring most of the people reading this.  I can recall seeing a job posting flyer on the bulletin board many years ago for a team that works on some pretty low-level stuff on their particular product, which had a tagline that read “…Because you never want your mother to understand what you do for a living.”  I think that can be said to be true for what I’ve been working on. as a Software Tester for the past several years.  Then again, back when my Mom was working as a travel agent, I don’t think I would have had the slightest clue how to do anything in SABRE, so we’re even in that regard.

In some sense, I have found the need to hold a job to be something of a limiting factor in what I have been able to do with this Blog.  In my ongoing mall research project, I have been mostly limited to what I have been able to find in the microfilm available at the Bellevue Library.  I suspect that the local historical societies would have plenty of additional information available (or at the very least, actual newspapers that I can get better photos from than the grainy ones I’ve been getting off the microfilm,) but so far I haven’t been able to get over to any of the offices because they are only open when I happen to be at work.  It looks like this week, I may finally get that opportunity though.

The short version is that I have this week off from work..  The long version is that my contract on the team I’ve been working with for the past seven months has ended, but I was able to sign on to a new team before the end of my last one.  I will be starting with this new team on the 7th of July, which basically means that I basically have a week of semi-unplanned vacation.  Having a bit of time on my hands means that I should get the opportunity to get some of the big posts I’ve been sitting on for a while out of the way, as well as a chance to go do some of the research I haven’t been able to do previously. 

Over this past weekend, I was also able to go take a look at the new Bellevue Safeway, so expect some pictures of that later on.


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