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July 15, 2008

Sightseeing at 75 MPH: Wandering Through the Yakima Valley

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With the drastic rise in gas prices over the past few months, I have found that I just haven’t been driving as much as I usually do.  Last year I managed to put in more than 4,000 miles behind the wheel on a pair of major roadtrips that included visits to both Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon, a cruise down some of the remnants of the old Route 66and a short stay in Las Vegas, as well as several shorter trips within a couple hundred miles of home.  With the increase in gas prices and my work schedule, I don’t believe that I’ve made it more than about 50 miles from home at any point this year.  Although an opportunity to take a trip down to Cancun with my parents and other members of my family may present itself in October (which would probably be in lieu of going to the Laguna Seca ALMS race that I discussed a few weeks ago,) there just comes a point when you just completely forget how much gas costs these days, and hit the road anyway.

After the Singles Ward campout discussed in my previous entry, I figured that I was already most of the way across the pass, so I decided that it might be a good opportunity to go spend a bit of time on the road, and do a bit of exploring on the other side of the mountains in Eastern Washington.  Fortunately, the weather cooperated (sort of) with cloudless skies and temperatures well into the Nineties, making for nice pictures. After the jump, a brief tour of Washington’s Yakima Valley, as seen from the road.

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