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July 21, 2008

Reruns: The Deadly Tunnel of Furniture

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One of the things that I have been meaning to do on here, but haven’t ever gotten around to actually doing is to bring over a few of the more interesting posts from some of my earlier efforts at writing stuff on the Internet, perhaps adding a bit of commentary that a few additional years of wisdom and/or painful learning experiences might have added to the mix.  In addition to the original website from which this Blog gets its name (which for some inexplicable reason I keep a link to on the sidebar, there was another Blog over on Blogspot that I wrote on intermittently on for about a year or so before getting sick of Blogger and abandoning it to the great big bit bucket of Internet limbo, where it remains to this day. 

This weekend’s festivities (or lack thereof) included a trip to the local IKEA store, since the chair from which I write this Blog was starting to get just a tad ripped up and worn out.  In the process, I was reminded of a post from my earlier Blog, dated August 22nd, 2004 in which I detailed a prior trip to IKEAwhen I purchased a (sort of) nice new computer desk with which to replace the old folding tables that had previously held the computers in the den.  That particular desk, as well as some of the other furniture which was acquired at that time, remains in use here to this day, since I have found little need to bother replacing it with anything else.  I’d provide photos, but right now my desk is a serious mess (andI’ve been putting off actually doing anything about cleaning it off for way too long now,) so I’ll refrain from the time being.  Besides, the last time I posted a picture of something in my house, I had multiple siblings tell me I needed to clean stuff up, and I’m sure that the same thing would result from this. 

Anyway, the original post (found after the jump) is presented in basically unedited form, with the exception of correcting some of the numerous typos that were contained in the original post (I’m sure I missed some of those anyway.)  I’m not going to bother providing a link to the original source of this post, but I’m sure anyone ambitious enough to actually search for it could probably find it without too much trouble, warts and all.  If I ever bother cleaning my desk, I’ll probably make another post on that, and some of the other stuff I saw at IKEA when I was there this weekend.  Again, the original post is found after the jump.


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