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July 29, 2008

We Do Chicken Right; Math Not So Much

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Even though there really aren’t a lot of places to get fried chicken around here, KFC still doesn’t rank all that high on my list of favorites around here.  There’s a Popeye’sdown in Renton (and one in Federal Way) that serves up some pretty good chicken, but that’s just a bit too far to go for dinner.  Beyond that and and Ezell’s (a small local chain) up in Woodinville, you pretty much have grocery store chicken and KFC.  KFC seems to be one of those things that you eat just often enough to remind yourself why you don’t eat there more often.  It sounds tasty at the time, but you always seem to end up regretting it later.  On the other hand, the KFCs around here have a special on Tuesdays where you can get a 2-piece meal with mashed potatoes and corn for $2.99 that I’ll pick up every once in a while when I’m feeling a bit too lazy to do much cooking.

Every once in a while, they’ll also send out a page of coupons in the mail along with the usual bolus of weekly dead tree spam.  Most of the coupons are pretty much useless for a bachelor living on his own (I’d like to think that I was brought up by my parents at least well enough to realize that I should refrain from trying to eat an entire 8-piece bucket of chicken in one sitting,) but every once in a while there’s a coupon or two that might be useful.  Then every once in a while, you get this:


For those of you who haven’t had advertising for these things drilled into your head repeatedly by now, Snackers are basically KFC’s entry in the highly competitive “El Cheapo Chicken Sandwich” category that every fast food joint in town seems to be selling these days.  Snackers are a bit smaller than the other ones, but use chicken that looks like it might have actually come off of a chicken in one piece.  If you can manage to get some that haven’t been sitting in a warming drawer for nine hours, they are actually fairly decent.  Aside from the fact that I wouldn’t advise trying to actually eat five of the things in a single sitting, there’s one little problem with the coupon:

The things normally sell for 99 cents apiece, so at the regular price, five of them would be $4.95.  The coupon above offers five Snackers for $4.99, meaning that in the unlikely event that you could get your local KFC to actually take the coupon, you’d actually be paying them four cents more than you would if you just ordered them without the coupon.  I suspect that there are probably places out there where the Snackers cost more than 99 cents apiece, but given the fact that they emphasized the whole 99 cent part of the deal pretty heavily when they introduced the things, I’m not sure where that would be.  The practice of sending people “coupons” for deals that they can get without using a coupon is nothing all that unusual (Arby’s in particular seems to do it a lot) but I think this is the first instance I’ve seen of a coupon that would make you pay extra to use it…

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