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August 5, 2008

Totem Lake Redevelopment Update: A Slight Change of Plans

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Although it appears that the beginning of major construction work over at Factoria Mall is imminent, things continue to be quiet over at Totem Lake Mall a few miles to the North.  The comments on some of the previous posts on the Totem Lake Redevelopment have hinted at some of what the newly redeveloped property will have to offer and a possible timeframe calling for construction to begin later this year, but for the most part, solid information has been all but nonexistent for some time now.  The City of Kirkland’s website has no new information, and a building permit search still shows the permits for this project in “pending” status. 

That said, it appears that ever so slowly, progress continues on the design of the redeveloped shopping center, and the site plan found on DDR’s webpage for the mall has recently been updated once again.  This new site plan, has a date of June 11th 2008, and although much of the prior site plan discussed here from February remains intact, there are also some rather significant changes, particularly in the secondary anchor portion of the upper mall.  Unfortunately I forgot to save a copy of the PDF file for the previous site plan before it disappeared, but I did print off a copy, and the previous post has images that cover most of the details, so I do have enough info to make a comparison.  After the jump, a look at the new site plan, and some of the changes it entails.


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