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August 20, 2008

Well, So Much For My “It Never Rains Here in August” Theory

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I’m not sure if my post on Saturday counted as using up my monthly weather complaint post, but just in case, I think I might have one saved up from July that I can toss in here as needed.  Around here, August weather tends to be more along the lines of the heat wave that we saw last weekend, and it is rare for this area to get any significant amount of rain at all during August.  Things might get cloudy at times, but for many of the years that I have lived here, any rain that occurs during August tends to be in the form of halfhearted sprinkles.  Since the weekend heat wave, the weather has taken a distinct turn toward the rainy side of things, starting with some thunderstorms on Sunday evening and a decent amount of rain and wind to accompany them, and eventually leading up to a thorough drenching as I went home from work today, which you see here. 

According to Scott Sistek over at the KOMO Weather Blog, this type of weather pattern actually isn’t all that unusual…  For November.  Fortunately, we’re not getting quite that cold around here, but this type of weather tends to be a bit of a mixed blessing.  On one hand, this system did a pretty good job of getting rid of that heat wave over the weekend, and the rain definitely helps to green up the area, but when you get a significant rain event like this right in the middle of August,  it sure makes it seem like you’re getting shortchanged a bit on the whole Summer thing.  Combine that with the fact that it;s starting to get well into the later part of Summer, and you start to get to the point where you take a mental accounting of what you still need to do during the Summer, and realize that there’s no way you’re going to be able to get half the stuff done in the time remaining.

For the time being, I’ve got slightly more immediate things to deal with though, specifically the fact that I’m taking care of Imola and Minardi this week.  So far, I’ve been lucky that I’ve managed to avoid getting rained on at the dog park (like happened the last time I was over here dogsitting back in April,) but with the pouring rain I ran into on the way home from work this evening, I was worried that I was going to need to find myself a rowboat to take the dogs out on their walk.  Fortunately, we managed to catch a break in the weather, and made it through the evening walk in relative dryness.  With the weather expected to improve over the course of the rest of the week, we can only hope that drier times are ahead.

On the other hand, the big storms like this do make for some interesting cloud formations.  Unfortunately, I only had my cellphone camera when I took this, so it doesn’t really show the clouds very well.  I’ve been meaning to bring my real camera back over to the dog park and take a few more photos to show some of the effects of the change of season on the place.  Maybe the place might stay dry for a while this time…

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