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August 31, 2008

Sometimes Too Much Technology Just Isn’t Enough

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As I have mentioned in other posts here, I attend a young single adult ward in my church (I’ve got the “single adult” part pretty well figured out, but I’m really pushing it on the “young” part of that these days.)  In my church, the members of the congregation receive callings to serve in various capacities within the ward, from the bishop and other leaders of the ward (the church has no paid clergy,) to the teachers for Sunday School and other groups, all the way down to the greeters at the chapel doors when people enter for their meetings.  Currently, my calling within the ward is to be the communications director, which mostly involves creating the weekly bulletin passed out at Sacrament meeting.  In general, callings in the church tend to be somewhat temporary in nature, and it is not unusual for someone to go through a number of different callings in a relatively short amount of time, but for one reason or another I have had this particular calling for a number of years now in two different wards that I have attended during that time.  I have to figure that either I haven’t gotten enough practice at the whole bulletin thing yet and they’re keeping me there until I manage to get something right, or I did manage to get it right at some point and they’re keeping me there because of that.  I can’t seem to figure out which of those is more likely.

Because a lot of the information that gets printed in the bulletin isn’t finalized until the Ward Council meeting an hour before Sacrament, I have to finish filling in the information during the meeting and print out the bulletin in the Ward Clerk’s office before taking it over to the copier in the library to duplicate.  There was a time that I swore that I would never for any reason bring a notebook computer to church, but apparently someone had other ideas about that one, and now I bring my notebook to this meeting on a weekly basis (but don’t bring it to the other meetings unless I get really lazy when teaching a lesson and decide to resort to multimedia.)  Either way, the arrangement usually works out reasonably well, but every so often something comes up and tosses the proverbial monkey wrench into the works.  Today was one of those days.


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