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September 6, 2008

Would You Like to Pay the Stupid Price, or the Even Stupider Price?

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As I mentioned on the previous post, I tend to make a habit of visiting closeout stores on occasion just to see what interesting things might show up.  Some of the more interesting ones found around here are a chain of stores known as Stupid Prices (That’s supposed to be their website, but the link seems to be 404’d as of the time this is being written.)  Where most of the closeout stores around here deal mostly with clothing and housewares, Stupid Prices deals primarily with furniture and home electronics, and some locations also carry what some might call an “interesting” selection of off-brand food and toys.    A fair bit of the merchandise seems to be leftovers from Costco and other similar stores, and on the rare occasions when you can manage to actually find what you are looking for, you can come up with some pretty good bargains on stuff.  Another nice feature of the place is that sales tax is included in the listed prices, so what you see on the tag is what you pay. 

Of course, given the somewhat random nature of the type of merchandise sold at a place like this, at any given time you can walk into the store and not have a clue what type of stuff you’re going to find.  For example, here’s what was sitting right next to the store entrance when I stopped in this morning:

Just in case driving a Cadillac Escalade on the streets doesn’t make you look flauntingly wealthy enough for your liking, why not make it look like you’re driving one down the fairway of the friendly neighborhood country club?  Unfortunately, the end result of this ends up resembling the results of an unholy union between a golf cart and an overgrown Power Wheels toy.  Aside from a bit of vaguely Escalade like bodywork, there doesn’t appear to be any discernible difference between this and the more conventional golf carts you might expect to find at any given course.  Such is the price you have to pay to make it appear as though you’re cruising the fairways in style, I guess.  Come to think of it, how much DO you pay for this type of “luxury” anyway?

“Buyers remorse,” eh?  You don’t say.  Even if I was rich enough to spend $17,000 (only a few thousand dollars less than I paid for my new car last year, and will probably be paying off for the better part of the next four) on a whim, I’d probably hate myself in the morning after I dropped that much dough on a freakin’ golf cart, especialy one that looked like this.  Based on some Internet searching, it looks like a more conventional golf cart can be had brand new for about $6,000 (give or take a few hundred or so,) which means that whatever “smart” shopper eventually takes this thing off their hands will still be paying a lot more than they have to for one of these things.

When I asked the clerk at the store about this, she said that the person who originally bought this was informed that they would not be allowed to use it at their country club.  I’m not sure if that makes said country club 37% snobbier than usual, or if it suggests that they actually maintain some standards.  For those of you who would like to tool around their friendly neighborhood golf club looking like a tool, but prefer your overgrown Power Wheels toys to be in a different color, feel free to order your own cart here.


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  1. 17K fake caddy golf cart aside, Stupid prices is pretty awesome!

    Comment by Terri Klemmer — October 9, 2008 @ 8:12 pm

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