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September 23, 2008

Guaranteed to Bring You More Senior Moments or Your Money Back!

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As regular readers of this site know, the weekly dose of mailbox clogging dead tree spam that hits the mailboxes around here on Tuesdays can frequently be a source of odd productsquestionable special offers or just plain ridiculous products offered for sale at some unbelievable bargain-basement price that you just can’t pass up.  I think this one, which showed up in today’s bolus of tremendous savings, might just take the cake:

That pimply-faced drive-thru clerk won’t stand a chance of “accidentally” forgetting your senior discount with this handsome, comfortable, adjustable fit “Don’t Forget My Senior Discount!” hat (of Doom) on your head!  Never mind the fact that the mere appearance of general oldness is usually sufficient to receive such discounts, or the fact that this product is being marketed to a generation which was largely taught that it is impolite to wear a hat indoors, this hat will (theoretically) pay for itself as you reap the benefits of your golden years.  And all this can be yours for the low price of only $9.95* (or $7.95 each if you buy two or more of the things for some inexplicable reason.  You better stock up just in case you manage to outlive the company selling these, right?)  Order yours today!

*Shipping and Handling not included.  Dignity sold separately.

Digging Up Some Dirt in Bellevue

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No, I have not (yet) decided to fill my blog up with half-baked scandalmongering (although I’ll have to keep that in mind just in case the day job doesn’t work out.)  As part of a church activity, a significant portion of last Saturday morning was spent quite literally digging up some dirt in a median found on the Lake Hills Connector in Bellevue.  This particular patch of ground (between Southeast 8th Street and the railroad bridge that you can see at the top of the picture) had recently been cleared off, and several thousand plants, shrubs and trees awaited transplant.  As you can see, we clearly had our work cut out for us.

Even if planting all that stuff was all we needed to do, that was going to be enough work as is.  Combine this with the fact that the ground was just full of big rocks that we had to either figure out how to dig around or find some way to dig up, and the whole thing becomes even tougher.  Oh, and did I mention the fact that it rained practically the whole time we were out there?  I guess when they say Summer is over, they really mean it this time (although we did get a really nice stretch of weather between Labor Day and last Wednesday or so.)

Not that any of that stopped anyone, of course.  With nearly 70 people from three singles wards in the area participating, the work went a lot quicker than expected, and within the course of three hours, the group managed to plant stuff all the way up to the rail bridge.

Now that looks much better, doesn’t it?  The City of Bellevue Parks Department has plenty of planting that needs to be done, and organizes opportunities to do so on a monthly basis (although more so around Arbor Day and Earth Day.)  If you’d like to get in on the digging, you can find more info on volunteer opportunities here.  They’ll even provide the shovels, gloves and (somewhat) fashionable orange vests.

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