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October 3, 2008

What Do You Mean I’m Not a Morning Person? 2 AM is Morning, Right?

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As Fall sets in on the landscape, one of the more obvious changes is the shorter days and longer nights that come with it.  For some people, the increased darkness can be difficult to deal with, and although we tend not to think of Washington as being all that far North (this particular area has a latitude of roughly 47° 40N, give or take a second or two,) we’re only about 100 miles or so from the Canadian border here, so we’re definitely farther north than you might think at times.  Although we don’t ever see a day in which the sun doesn’t rise at all as happens above the Arctic Circle, there can be some pretty long nights here. On the shortest days of the year, sunrise here can be as late as 7:57am and sunset as early as 4:17pm on some days in December (info from this site.)  Compare this to a place in the Southern US (for this example, I’ll use Miami, since that’s probably about as far south as you’re going to get in the US)  and there isn’t any day in which sunrise is later than 7:05am, and no sunset later than 5:29pm, giving us a full two hours less sunlight on the shortest days of the year.   On the other hand, we make up the difference with a summer solstice that is 2 hours and 15 minutes longer here than it is in Miami, but that’s another story entirely, and one that I’ll conveniently ignore for the time being.  If you look a bit further north to Vancouver BC, you lose (and gain) roughly another 10-12 minutes of daylight on both ends compared to here. 

As I have mentioned here on this Blog before, for some reason the darkness doesn’t really bother me as much as it does some people around here.  Part of this probably has to do with the fact that I’ve always been something of an insomniac (or, to put it in slightly nicer terms, a night owl) and I tend to be up half the night  anyway, regardless of how many photons are coming through the window.  Another big part in this is the fact that for some reason, I just happen to like the darkness.  Things take on a completely different look when there’s less light to go around, and even the most mundane of objects or buildings can take on a completely different look when illuminated by artificial light in the darkness.  The low light can also hide a lot of flaws that would stick out and draw the eye when viewed in daylight.  There are some exceptions to the rule though.  7-elevens, for example, tend to overdo it on the industrial strength fluorescent lighting at night, which is great when you’re trying to attract bleary-eyed coffee drinkers into the place at 3 in the morning, but not so great in the general aesthetic department.  For the most part though, I tend to think things look better at night though. 

So what does any of this stuff have to do with Denny’s, you may ask?  Well, for one thing, it’s just about the only sit-down place around here that you’re going to find open after 10am.  I don’t know if I’ve ever posted on the subject here (and since I’m trying to finish this before I zonk out on the keyboard, I’m too lazy to look it up at the moment,) but I’ve noted that there seems to be a profound lack of late night dining options here on the Eastside.  Sure, you’ve got your fast food places (the Redmond McDonald’s has a 24-hour drive thru, and most other fast food places have drive-thrus that also remain open until 1 or 2 in the morning) but beyond those, your choices are limited.  There’s Burgermaster, which stays open to Midnight on weekdays and 1am on weekends, but beyond the examples above, there’s hardly nothing open past 9am, and even less open past 10.  If I ever find myself at Denny’s, it usually means that I waited too long and didn’t bother giving any thought to dinner until after  the witching hour of 10pm.  It’s the type of place that I rarely ever end up visiting during the day (if I was really craving that type of food during the day, I’d probably head over to the Lil Jon Restaurant in the Eastgate area,) but every once in a while I seem to end up there anyway, mostly to remind myself why I don’t go there all that often. 

There’s also something to be said for eating breakfast stuff at night.  For some reason, the idea comes with some sort of unspoken rebellious edge to it, even though there’s nothing that says you can’t do it.  All things considered, I’m just not much of a breakfast person anyway.  My longtime night owl tendencies as discussed above, combined with a job with core business hours of 10am-5pm usually has me waking up later in the morning than most people I know.  This means that I usually get up, immediately get dressed and ready for work, and am often out the door within 15-20 minutes of getting out of bed.  This means that breakfast usually ends up being either a bowl of cereal at my desk at work or if I’m looking for something warm, a Cup O’ Noodles (in fact, I don’t think I ever eat those things except as breakfast.)  Other days, I’ll just skip breakfast altogether and just grab an early lunch (another oddity with my usual schedule is that it tends to put lunchtime just a couple of hours after I get into the office.)  It is rare for me to eat a regular cooked breakfast, and even rarer for me to actually cook one.  This means that most of the time when I actually go through the trouble of making breakfast food, it will be during the evening, when I actually have time to cook it.  The whole classification of certain foods as being “breakfast” foods just seems arbitrary to me anyway, so what’s wrong with breakfast at night?



  1. you are a vampire… that’s the only explanation.

    Comment by Heather Lively — October 4, 2008 @ 1:26 am

  2. You’re supposed to put a smiley face in ketchup on your hash browns… your breakfast is always happy to see you!

    Comment by Cat — October 6, 2008 @ 5:29 pm

  3. “find open after 10am”

    You mean open after 10 PM, don’t you? I thought you were talking about breakfast at first.

    Comment by Stephen B — October 10, 2008 @ 4:03 pm

  4. I suppose this means that even my late light bleary-eyed drivel isn’t exempt from proofreading anymore, right? Yeah, I meant 10pm (or 9pm as the case may be.)

    Comment by Brian Lutz — October 10, 2008 @ 4:55 pm

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