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October 13, 2008

If it’s Dim Enough, You Won’t Even Know the Difference, Right?

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Once again this Sunday, the family gathered down in Federal Way for a baby blessing, something that is getting to be something of a trend these days.  In this case, the blessing was for Jeff and Valerie’s new son Zachary, who will most likely be the last of the cousins, barring some unforseen circumstance.  From here on out, all the new babies in the family will most likely be from the younger generation of the family.  It’s a bit weird for my cousins to be the ones bringing new babies into the family now, but even weirder that in a few months both of my sisters will have children of their own.  Not that I’m contributing anything to this at this point, but as usual, that’s another post for another time.

After the Sacrament meeting down in Federal Way, the family got together for the obligatory after-blessing potluck session.  Since a number of people had obligations in their various wards, we didn’t start eating until about two hours after the Sacrament meeting.  In the meantime, there were some burned-out lightbulbs in the kitchen at Opa’s house, so some bulbs were found in the house to replace them:

From a distance, the packaging doesn’t look all that unusual, but up close something just didn’t seem right about it for some reason.  Sure enough, closer inspection revealed that the package contained generic Chinese products, complete with the obligatory halfhearted knockoff of a much more well-known brand and haphazard packaging of the products inside.  This particular package imitates a somewhat older version of GE light bulb packaging, but looks nothing like the current version that I’ve got (sitting empty, of course) on the shelf in my laundry room:


Let’s take a closer look at the two logos on these packages (apologies for the blurry photo on the knockoff, it came off my cameraphone.)  The one on the left is, of course, the old familiar General Electric logo, while the one on the right is, well…  I don’t know what it is.  As an attempt to change the old logo just enough to (maybe) get away with it, it sort of works, but the problem with knocking off a familiar logo like this is that it might work if people aren’t paying much attention and not looking too clearly at the box, but the minute someone actually looks at it, the eye gets immediately drawn to whatever is “missing” from the expected logo.  In this case, the blank where the bottom of the “E” is supposed to be is the part that raises the mental red flag, and the rest of it falls apart pretty quickly.

The box for those bulbs contained very little in the way of information, which leads me to believe it probably originated from some Chinese factory in a city whose name I’d mangle badly if I tried to pronounce it.  If I had to guess, I’d say the knockoffs probably came from one of the semi-ubiquitous dollar stores found around here, although the brand-name light bulbs are inexpensive enough that there isn’t much point in going with knockoffs anyway.  I suppose if you’re looking for a convenient way to burn down the house without all that pesky gasoline and matches stuff these will probably do in a pinch, but I’m guessing you’d be hard pressed to find the things anyway.  Especially while you’re fumbling around in the darkness.


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