The Sledgehammer – Version 2.0

October 23, 2008

Hello World…

Filed under: Random Stuff, Technology — Brian Lutz @ 11:46 pm

After spending a (mostly) productive evening of tinkering with hardware and moving parts around, I am now making the official first Blog post from my brand new computer, which is currently in the process of downloading about 350 megabytes of Vista updates.  Surprisingly enough, the whole process went a lot smoother than I was expecting it to.  Building a new computer is a process that involves a fair bit of tinkering, troubleshooting, and occasionally even bleeding (although with the cases available these days there seems to be a lot less jagged edges on which to maim yourself,) but somehow I managed to get my old system transferred into a new case with surprisingly few issues and get the new system put together and running without running into any major problems anywhere along the line. 

I’ll have more on the whole thing (including a number of photos of the install process) once I get more settled in on this machine.  Mostly it just looks like a nightmare of cables and excessive clutter, but what the heck?


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