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October 27, 2008

The (Not So) Fine Art of Pumpkin Carving

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It seems that Halloween is now just a few days away, and as a result, the appointed time of the annual gourd-mangling is at hand.  Although i generally consider Halloween to be one of the few strictly optional holidays on the calendar, it seems inevitable that the subject of pumpkin carving will come up at least once during the last week of October, and even though my attempts at such things usually seem to yield disastrous results, for some reason I keep trying, hoping that one of these things will turn out eventually.  I suppose that the temporary nature of the medium makes it easy to conveniently forget how last year’s wildly elaborate design eventually turned into “guy with a freakishly large hole in the middle of his head” and try again.  Usually this is a matter of getting way too elaborate with my intended designs, and not bothering to give much thought to the practicality of such a design.

Nonetheless, when this year’s pumpkin carving opportunity came up at a combined FHE with my singles ward and another one nearby, I had decided I was going to do something a bit less elaborate,  Given the fact that people were bringing in whole boxes full of razor-sharp knives for fine details and even power tools, i figured I might as well try to keep it simple, elegant (not so much actually) and somewhat disaster-proof.  During the lesson, I started messing with the uncarved pumpkin a bit, and noted that if I was very careful with it I could eventually manage to find a spot on which it would be able to balance at a vertical angle.  After figuring this part out, I ultimately decided to flatten out that spot somewhat to make it more stable at that angle, and carved the slightly skewed jack-o-lantern you see above.  After I took this photo,   I did a bit more (largely unnecessary) tinkering with the features and added a “THIS END UP” sign to it, but what you see here is basically the final result.  And yes, the lid does stay on as long as you don’t mess with it too much.

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  1. Were we not raised carving pumpkins? I’m sure we did it, but I don’t really remember doing it at home ever. My point is, tomorrow is pumpkin carving day at my house and I am dreading it because I know it will not be nearly as cute as I imagine it to be and then I will be disappointed. I’m sure it will end up on my blog and you will see what I mean. But yours turned out pretty okay Brian! I like how its on the side, I may steal that idea.

    Comment by Heather — October 28, 2008 @ 7:04 pm

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