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November 2, 2008

Beagles in the Mist

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As mentioned a couple of posts ago, this last week my parents went down to Cancun for the week, along with my brother and his wife.  Owing to a combination of work schedule and the fact that I just spent a bunch of money on building a new computer, I ended up being unable to join them for the trip, which meant that once again, I found myself taking care of Imola and Minardi, which included their twice-a-day trips to the Marymoot dog park.  This time around, I haven’t bothered doing a whole lot of dogblogging, mostly because I used up most of the good topics on the last couple of dogsitting stints, and because for the most part the whole thing has gotten to be pretty routine by now, although the earlier sunsets did make for a bit of a time crunch to get the evening walk in before it got too dark there. 

With Autumn settling on the land and the days getting shorter, the weather has definitely been getting colder.  In fact, a couple of days this past week there was frost on the ground in the morning.  Fortunately the weather mostly cooperated, with daytime temperatures in the upper fifties and lower sixties, and we managed to avoid getting rained on this week (in fact, it started raining pretty heavily about five minutes after we got home from the last walk on Friday before my parents got home in the afternoon.)  The mornings were still fairly cold though, and the morning fog made for some interesting scenery at the dog park.  After the jump, a few pictures from the morning walk on Thursday.


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