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November 19, 2008

Not-So-Great Moments in Seattle Sports History

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As you might be aware, this weekend, the annual Apple Cup game between the University of Washington Huskies and the Washington State University Cougars will be taking place in Pullman.  As one of the storied rivalries in college football, this game often attracts national attention.  This year’s game is no exception, although the attention it is attracting this year is for an entirely different reason than usual.  Going into this year’s Apple cup game, these two rivals have a total of one win between them.  The Huskies go into this game with an 0-10 record, and a lame duck coach. The Cougs are barely any better off right now with a 1-10 record, that one win coming against a lower division school earlier in the season.  At least College Football fans (if there are any left at this point) can take solace in the fact that barring some catastrophe (I wouldn’t discount the possibility at this point) someone is going to have to win the game.  You know it’s getting bad out there when you start hearing the obligatory “How many Cougs/Huskies does it take to change a light bulb” jokes from your own fans. 

In honor of the Apple Cup (not to mention the Seahawks’ current 2-8 record, the Mariner’s 61-101 season in spite of a $116 million payroll and the Sonics skipping town,) I present an article that I came across in a 1977 edition of the Journal American which seems oddly appropriate about now to remind Seattle sports fans that things can always be worse (albeit not by much.)  The Seahawks, at that point in their second season of existence, managed to scrape out a 30-23 win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (also a recent expansion team at that point,) but did not appear to win much respect in the process:

"Tampa Bay Outloses Seahawks 30-23", Journal American, October 17 1977

After losing the first four games of the season, this win improved (if you could call it that) the Seahawks’ record to 1-4.  Tampa Bay, on the other hand, had yet to win a single game at this point, having gone 0-14 in their inaugural season, and 0-5 to this point after this game.  Ultimately, the Seahawks would finish with a 5-9 record, and Tampa Bay would manage to win the last two games of the season to end a 28-game losing streak (an NFL record that still stands) for a 2-12 record overall.  How’s that for futility?

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