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December 13, 2008

Fleeing From a Winter Wonderland – I’m On Vacation! (Well, Sort of.)

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Well, there’s still the pesky matter of actually reaching the sunny and (not so) exotic destinations to which I am apparently headed, but as of right now I am on vacation.  Currently, this means that I am spending the night in a hotel near the airport to save my parents the need to make a drive to the airport at 6am tomorrow on potentially icy roads.  Since the picturesque (hah) city of SeaTac isn’t exactly what I’d call a popular tourist destination ((it’s got the airport, does that count?) there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot to do around here right now.  The place does have a pool (if I’m feeling ambitious enough to go swimming and/or ambitious enough to go through the parking lot in sub-freezing temperatures to get there due to renovations on that floor,) and it’s also got what might just be the last free Internet access I see for the rest of this trip (it’s a wired connection, how quaint), so I might as well use it.  Outside my fourth floor window, I’ve got a great view of the rental car lot next door, and a bit to the west of here I can watch a bunch of lights that look like they might belong to airplanes as they approach the runway.

Since I haven’t got a car here, there aren’t really any restaurants within walking distance, and I don’t think I  particularly care to try walking anywhere in this weather anyway, tonight’s dinner comes courtesy of one of the two non-chain pizza places that’ll deliver here without ordering $18 worth of food items I can’t pronounce the names of.   This lovely meal features Lasagna, Minestrone soup, garlic bread, some sort of sparkly lemonade stuff and cheap plastic utensils that seem incapable of even making a dent in any of the stuff..

Fortunately, I come vaguely prepared for such occasions.  It’s not pretty, and i should probably have  checked to make sure that packing tape residue isn’t too horrendously toxic before I actually used that knife thing, but in a pinch, it’ll do.


On the other hand, apparently my SwissCard isn’t so well equipped for opening bottles, especially not a bottlecap of the old-school non twist-0ff variety.  Which brings me to a little challenge:  Given this bottle of lemonade, and the contents of a relatively basic no-frills hotel room (so you haven’t got a minibar or anything like that) and not a bottle opener or anything even close to one in sight, What would you use to open this bottle?  I did eventually manage to get it open, and later on I’ll explain how, but let me tell you, the stuff definitely wasn’t worth $1.75 and a broken fingernail.  I assume that generations of drunkard frat boys have gotten this whole thing down to a science, but not having ever been a drunkard frat boy has left me with little practical knowledge on the subject. 

Anyway, assuming that the whole Winter Wonderland bit out there doesn’t interfere with things too much, I should be flying out tomorrow morning, and arriving down in Orlando sometime in the evening.  Right now I’m seeing some light snow out the window, although what exactly happens overnight remains to be seen.



  1. Wow Snow in Seatac!! Not sure where your hotel is but there are(were )a couple of decent place to eat close to the airport names escape me now tho.

    Comment by Skye — December 13, 2008 @ 9:07 pm

    • I’m at the Fairfield Inn, which is a couple miles down Highway 99 from the airport. Unfortunately, there seems to be little within walking distance of here. I’ll be off in the morning anyway (hopefully,) so it shouldn’t be a big deal.

      Comment by Brian Lutz — December 13, 2008 @ 10:07 pm

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