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January 1, 2009

Statistical Overview for 2008

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Looks like we can go ahead and put 2008 in the proverbial books now, and as much as I suspect that there are some people out there who would like to just forget that the whole thing ever happened, I actually thought it was a pretty decent year, at least personally.  I managed to make it through the year in one piece (which is always a good thing,) I managed to get past the point in my career development that I had gotten stuck for a while, and I got a new nephew, with another one on the way shortly.  That doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of room for improvement in 2009 (for one thing, there’s the whole pesky part about being chronically single that I should probably look at doing something about, and it would be nice if some of the local sports teams could actually win a game or two in 2009,) but all in all, I really can’t complain too much. 

Here at my Blog, the growth over the past year has also been steady, and although traffic was down  some in December over the past couple of months (probably due to less posting than normal and the Holidays,)  in general site traffic has remained mostly steady, with a total of roughly 50,200 visitors at this site in 2008, for an average of 137 visitors a day.  For comparison, in 2007 the total number of visitors was only 5,546 for an average of 27 visitors a day over seven months (since the Blog was started in June of 2007.)  The busiest day here was on November 13th with 722 visitors, most of which came from after that site was linked in an article by US News and World Report.  Here is an overview of some of the statistics for this site over the past year and overall:

  • Total Posts: 260 (including this one)
  • Total Hits (Overall): 55,810
  • Average hits per day (2008): 137
  • Average hits per week (2008): 965
  • Average hits per month (2008): 4,184

Most popular posts in 2008:

Title Views  
Retail Wasteland – A Tour of the Totem Lake Mall 8,357
Malls of the Seattle Area: A Tour of the Factoria Mall 3,285
Classical Gas – Abandoned Route 66 Gas Stations 2,397
A Tour of Crossroads Bellevue – Part 1: The Mall 1,961
My Very Nearly Award-Winning Chili Recipe, and Other Deep Dark Secrets 1,256
The Beginning and the End of the Old Bellevue Safeway 1,138
Totem Lake Mall Research Update – A Map of the Lower Mall from 1973  938
Factoria Mall Just Keeps Getting Emptier 912
Looks Like the Show is Over at Redmond Town Center… Or Is It? 909
Factoria Mall Redevelopment Update: The Beginning is Near 852

I know there are sites out there that take about five minutes on some random Tuesday to rack up 50,000 hits, but it’s been fun to watch the site grow steadily over the past 18 months from scratch.  With some time available to work on some of my long term projects, I hope to be able to continue to provide interesting content (and maybe even  find something besides empty malls that people want to read about) and continue with this growth.  I would also like to thank everyone who reads this site and contributes to my still rather limited knowledge of the history of the local malls.  And to the various family members out there who read this site, I hope I’m not boring all of you too much with this stuff…


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